After sleep, newly touched matter uttered cries /at tips of blue fingers.
Many mornings and afternoons/ since she won altercations such as this:/ they sent a barrage of dreams /against her skull roof. /Green bills, crumpled in the tin can, /After gambling her millions /keeping only enough for the lottery. /Dense TV messages of corruption coming from sister cities. /But for her,aware of empires cold and stiff/ demanding full allegiance. She waved a fan from another land,/painted figures on silk:the knowledge of surprise in scarlet.I left her rice in the pan: I watchedthe roseate sunrise./ Broadcasts, from across the seas,/ where figurines determine dreams, In their endless search for statues,/Another country,the vague desire to move while standingstill / more than we could abide by./ Kissing upon rising, saying goodbye,/ honoring wishes in confusion./ I ran amok ,/ I sensed a defeat,/ stopping the clock in wordless locales./No sight of her since.

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