Rules Governing Psychiatric Incarceration

I pressed a beer can to my temple/ to see how cold it was./ The seat of forgiveness in every man. /No use walking on the litter,/a few laughs,armed,/ with a certain savage charm./Salty, older, it’s an immediate rule:/you contract scurvy./ So there’s no reason for sex any longer./Since sex enables abandon,/ neither play nor work./It’s said, everyone plays and works,/it’s a code like semaphore./ As wild as the forest looks /next to the factory./ Copper locks on the doors here,/a pavilion full /of laughing rooms, chattering teeth./ Indeed, ones teeth / the most prized possession,/as you lose them./ Television, that’s hygenic./ I don’t wear the clothes they pass me, /I hoodwink. /Another prized possession, /the random key. /Spend any number of hours 0still, but wandering. /Keep wishing ,/though thou art forgiving.


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