13 Steps to Crucifixion

Not a hair out of place,/ the chair gives way./ Morals don’t count; not as yet./ Strangely unnoticed,prone,/in the line of sight, /pearls before swine, /one day after the next one/until a final spook embrace./ I’m not an only child;/ but the leading light, /I hold no more pairs of queens. /I couldn’t put an end to all the bleeding /that courses through my lungs/ tongues from voices with all the best intentions,/I caught bare knuckle/ a speckled face.

A never ending story./ Not happier stripped, /rotten to the core. / Choirs sang in pain. /Results long since reached./ Sunless ,makeshift visions./ Falling hard,huge steps behind me,/ racked by plague,/ others laugh and ask – /What is coursing through me? /What comes from forbidden lullabies.

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