Bound and Determined

The dosage was inflicted /by a sighted hostage/ while I was unconscious /I took the road to the river/ that mortal path/ relieved by a curse of stumps,old staggered trees.Like wet ashes building in the ashtray , you inhale the fog/a reflex of breath /hoping for an arrival of aether/when we’ve strayed.We’re fond of the rosewood detected in ashes.
/The sigh,the ache of relief / sweat pours down my shoulders/ on my neck./ Vaulted over azure cliffs,/find nothing/by midnight I heard /a choir of voices calling for empire.Walking rigid, one more time,brains bared to heaven/clues in rain barrels./ I knew a crooked path /as the straight and narrow. Footprints,/your empty cache of hearts won and lost/ leaving where I could find it.

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