Home On The Range

With a clean bill of health,/and a silver dollar/I worked hard every day to get this far./Even though the whole world screams my name,/I walk alone, unfettered;/ smoke signals drift with the wind./From looking at my mail, I know my name./Signals  in the same patterns, over and over/the  mound grows with clumps of earth./I wish dirt shined./Clearly, someone will put a noose around my neck/,out here on the prairie./I’m always searching the skies,/ for things that can’t be revealed./I’ll face terror in possession:/  as land is stolen  walking,  I run, /I  walk for miles when lonesome. /Muscles in my  stringy legs,/guessing the distance./ Easy eye, anxious clouds;/  soon I’m stumbling through crosshairs.

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