Front And Main

You can kneel down /on all four corners ,surround the bed’s triple threat ./As you walk to the window/ you relive all your exploits, /shake off slumber ,/and wash in the washstand. /I spent last night in maroon and dusty shoes, /now I command you/ to fish fragments/ from a sink filled with flavored water./I have a view of yards a world away, daylight leaving a stream of oncoming strangers, /rogue figures dwelling in tiny houses./A waking distraction, I have arrived at the point /where I’m someone else, I can feel out the pitch of the night. /The night remains, happy, and solemn, /watching couples kiss on the lawn expanse,/ mingling in cupolas abandoned by heaven/for shouting out their childhoods in the sun./I know all these distant towns, /fueled by cheap rhythms of a popular song/ a bygone, a has been, /like your tongue lashing in the Public Gardens

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