Drinks At The Step -Hi

That part of the road ,/most like gravesites,/by depth of perception,/ where kites fly, in colors /of sable and cobalt chloride./I sop up the flask,it smells like cocoa,my tentacles/sense fraud on ebony tables/frauds directed by my Creator./They reach far, in a languor, past a dim distance/I quench a thirst for rabid sugar./To the poor ,this place resembles a slam diner/you submit to your greed, seems like a high minded purpose./Cry out in envy, chained to a carcass,/woebegone, makes no difference, in tubes,lost jetsam,/the testimony of night,/numb womb of ghastly infants, desires destiny, at a glance,/the wigs of martyrs in soiled pants, / they’re juiced in jolts,/ defined by hums/ they retain presence./The revolt leaves a mock usurper,/he dreams of mayhem/metal glare in the eye ,/ ring of his crazed laughing

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