Rearguard Logic

That daylight discovery, where future lies/paves my street with lullabies,/launched, with a witless grace. /At last,I’m winning currents of light/ that bounce off sharp edged glass and steel:/as I look towards the distance, /to witness my eureka howl, /unchained from it’s traces./My cheeks, busted, gaunt, hair lately silver, I kowtow at the baseline,/perform black magic in the heat of evening./We like watching what’s awkward,/these small pains build strange joys within /they runs in all directions./Then take the chance to shed our skins,/hammering vain noise up hoarse throats,/ heading straight into our lifetimes./Then, by our meanness,/ the threats we sidestep,/we believe them./Like we believe a rebel girl ,/who’s stuck between bad dreams/like petals pressed/ between pages the of an book/that rests on trembling knee

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