Transient Candy

I seek out vacancies only ,/with signs lit by bulbs,/as a young man ,stifled,/by smoke from strangers./At last, finding a place,/lay down and wince,/at sights of rock salt,/scattered from brown hands,/it’ll melt walkway ice./A harebrained kitten,/it’s wants interrupted,/switches aim to hips of leather./Scorn, laughter, may rise soon from rubble,/I’ll hear it in front of my curtains./Lingering stains of last night, /show up easy:/ we exchanged the same garments./These constant reminders,/leak from our pores/we’re hanging on to them,/last hope of salvation./Should we continue,/under other awnings,/bald customers insist with their ogles ./(But that’s not all!)/The damage report of tomorrow/will surface in the Daily Planet,/alongside a story, it goes like this:/a Omaha woman calls her broom closet her spaceship,/leans on the sides,permitted to exit; make way on terrain./She’s reeled in by the sun’s ducts,/she likes life but a little,/but takes pride in a search for lovers

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