Brown Hills Of California

As to decisions, no hope available,/a merciless world revolves./I worked on this,/while I seethe, I’m satisfied, /in apparent end to pretense./I can hide under domes/ I gain leads to severance,/ listen to a mystery cry./ Like an angelus recited,/ a hail of gunfire,/ run for cover,/ toward where it’s coldest./All you know has ended, bored into brains/ the sight of gas stations;/candy stores., disguised by an opponent./ Now drift on slow boats/ with honeyed wines./Agitated by falsehood;/ it’s same as truth, ever present./It emerges on all fronts,/ it’s in rushes,on oilcloths,/ happens every moment./ Sea levels continue reaching Atlantic peaks. /I still swallow flames,/I return to brown hills,/ apart from others /full of spunk; /poisoned by a scupper. /I lure others in the Valley,/to watch them tremble.

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