She Lies In A Shadow

There’s no power in her to leave the room./Once, she came and went as she wanted,/She’d wind through corridors,/saving space for the items she needed./ What a strange thing to think,/no more climbing places,/no more blind alleys, or alibis;/a sudden matter of promises broken./a violated truce, a thing that’s short on sufferance,/etched in the frame of the night sky./ Revealed as a gift, disconsolate and stormy, /this victory cry succumbs to her own eerie laughter. /Spurts of green ink ,/wash down her throat,/beseeching all others/to gnaw on contentment./But she won’t bow low/she plowed it all under./ Permitted to swim,/ in the front of the room,/ currents of peril;ponds of tears./She can’t come and go as she pleases./She remains in these rooms.

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