Mind Task

Equal parts measured, /worn bits of wood upon wood, / torn photos in the mud, /one of the cast of a nun,/framed in a starry sky,/holding the hand of a gnome- like man/8×10 glossies,also silver bowls of nectarines./I bend the nape of my neck,/ eyes aflame from a lapse of sudden tears/and the liquid lenses that come after./Sobbing over cells, and wards,/ unable to decipher tings/ my insides turning on themselves:/an earring in the ear of the deaf and insane,/both index fingers rolled over ,/smoothed across a sheet/palmprint demurs to the night guard /sallow,and strangely conversant./At the exact same time, a farmer,/ past master of the whole routine/dished out all he ekes out, misery upon misery,/ lifted to a platform, bored and frail. /Without mercy or envy, /immersed in the gnome’s image/ and the glitter of the stars behind him.

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