More Than Attraction

The search for solutions/is as such,/we uncover a jalopy/ deep in a ditch,/but the radio blares Cole Porter./It brays for a fee, a vehicle glows in the sand. /In a world other than mine, such memories betrayed me./The chairman exults in the crowd’s demands./They’re all eager to quit the cradle./From any man’s brow, the liquid change/s from sweat to water, like water to wine, /not in cups, but in the brim of an ocean./They all start to swim with a poor man’s dreams./She sows the ditch, with grains of rice,/but they won’t sprout and grow./She needs us, together,/for her mock church,/I must listen to a caustic sermon./(She’s all fired up tonight. /She refers to the stars in the sky,/ and the starfish on white beaches.)/Due to the senses,/ overwhelmed by her frolic,/ she extracts her staggering sum./It’s the fables of a lifetime,/from a burden of living,/enacting this over and over…


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