Mild Vision

He had long sine finished his vanishing act,/smoothing over a situation/with things going bump in the night./Approaching what was visible/to ask only for water/so this big boned girl,( no features)/ poured out quizzical deuces into a cup. /She rides the night,/seldom she leaves the rooftops,/ houses blown wide open./Depths apart from a soft colored recall./With sunflower seeds in both pockets, /planting a few, eating a few more/scattered in the brown leaves of the crater. Drinking his jumbled, whirling jinx,/with concern for this serious magic, the feelings it brought on. Wedding a creed of newborn babes to their haloes, /on the stretch of slate he found in the park./The cadence of his wishes spilled out on the pavement/ beefed up by wild imaginings of gambling

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