K-Pop Duo

A knife so sharp,/ so as to play with it,/ turn fingers into jelly./You play with it freely./And, when you put the knife aside, you said it was me./In the deft hindrance, /of a ball and chain beside me/you stay defiant./What about paper, and tinder?/What about flames and smoke./Another freedom will visit us: a total downpour./You can keep it,/sort it out, sound out reveille,/ strictly your own device./Tell me: where lies your freedom/ in newness, or what’s old./In your eyes; in their redness,/your opiate, and your grand theft./A great heat comes on,/ like a ball shot from a cannon,/I, being a serious magician,/find you familiar in your cages./Those huge, empty bins,/ those traps for animals,/I can’t seem to walk in or out of./I slow down to breathe in/the color of your arm/the darkness of your iris./I look you over, and finally see,/those things you meant to be unknown./For those crippled there are cages;/for those free,/there’s outwitting past masters.

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