As Long As They See Us

As long as they see us/as a duo, incarnated in flesh, melded, /they wait for our joining/ breathless moment of our leave taking./We’re apprehended by lenses, diffracted /separate and polar/they seek positions/better than average/as a gang of confederates. /Bending shafts of light,\watching us talk./They  seek harmony in the making,/forge notes on an anvil, /we’re under the spotlight/ a  garnet light. /Flecks of dirt on our shirts/where our chests breathe./They look for a grimace, a nuance,/something to bind with/ make us separate,/destroy our bridges./Any noise we might make reflects in a pool in ripples, traces:/ no stone is cast./Loitering nearby ,hand in hand,/no sum measured,/exact in our carriage./consumed in narrow prayer.

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