Due Respect To Your Soldier’s Reputation

It didn’t take long to detect the version,/ how it happened was  defiled./We were brothers marching,/side by side, in man’s awkward army,/the sting war gave us,/formed a neutral honey,/its’ lewd sneer somehow helps us,/as backyard women watched us/from 10,000 miles upward./Brotherhood, our final stand, /against the murmurs,/light summer rain; women pin khaki to clotheslines./ Up against it,/only what their gouged features told us,/ tampering in heights quite past us,/they come across moods in a bright illumined kitchen./they chatter lazily in cups/about some cluttered photos/ pictures of a tiger walking,/on the screen of a sunrise TV./They know it all, don’t they, /that why they hold us captive/we can’t stay here longer/ the painful truth unmasked./Our two man war recedes/like ardor on our planet

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