Throb In Secret

This throb in secret,/ after the craft was perfected/you can appease the night/delve through smiles./I’m going just far enough/to feel the fur/It’s okay,to watch regiments depart/as long as you talk to me.Everything is as it should be/my heart does its’ tap dance/lines form, to watch us frolic/till you turn a sudden pale./The calm of the seas,/there’s a calm from nothing at all/it’s all I can offer/you being like all others/a storm, serene; it just won’t quit./It’s clear, I can’t warp you,/the echoes rebound,/I lost the power to shatter,/my route surrendered,/those years spent poisoned/you took away./Time gets rude, it won’t come back,/won’t string along, it’ll light up a candid stare/takes skulls when it jars you/it asks to remain in memory/you know more now/you keep this cool memo/ on your right hand

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