Charmed Corner

Renee’s barbaric, she leans on a cornerstone, /corroded with the dew of ages. Her friends chalk/ pentangles made fragile/ on solemn ground./You have many children.,/ their blood is present,/they make painful exits ,/get dressed down the street./I traffic in world news,dispense paltry sums, /when money won’t matter./ I remain in grace,/blood runs/things fly from my hand./ Childlike responses in games,grow old;/I start demanding of the dead/ things that’s aren’t there./I stand on my feet, palms outstretched/while you sit there,/ waiting to return what I lost. /I’m going to join a squad,/they’ll give me picks and shovels/break into a sweat at intervals,/ reiterate my strange gospel. /Intent to rule a thousand kingdoms,/ in second class hotels/I take a lesson in serious magic./I have a second chance at burial.

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