Gaps Between Domes

To watch so closely,/as to go cross-eyed,/till the gaps in sunlight,/ shows the sun to be/two bloodless oysters./Grey elusive dawns scratch /in attempt to find tinder /in a prior winter./As if to play with your eyes/is a form of candy;/ a small vice only known in regions of trial./Crucibles burn in ships steered/ by one and a thousand stars.I’m proud of the power/ to sit next to their heat. Only yielding, I surpass/ all I can I submerge:/my memories of conquest fades. My lips murmur, /the beads rattle,I pray over the corpses of sailors who found trouble in pursuing pastimes./ I watch dizzy smears merge with blood /on the blade in my pocket./I was sure I tossed it in cool water./

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