Larcenies Of The Heart

Something’s missing,/where it’s been stolen/ guess there’s no secret throbs left./Night unappeased by wafer like smiles./Tough enough to delve,/ just so far, far enough to feel./ the fur/of one who has purloined./Watching the soldiers,/ as you talk to me./Ok, everything just as it can be,/I’ll forget the way,/you tap danced in the middle,/now center stage;/ exploding in frolic./It’s just like me; I like you to pale./Not sudden calm of frozen waters;/ the calm of nothing at all./It’s all I can offer,/but you’re like all others,/a storm that refuses to vanish./Since I cannot warp you,/your echoes return,/shattering things of the past./Routes in surrender : the poison years./What’s taken will not come back./Time becomes rude,/now it is candid,/it strings you along/taking skulls you retain in jars/ Strangers keep asking / to remain in memory./You know otherwise,/from vanity under the arches/etched in the memo of a hand

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